Friday, April 21, 2006

It's not all beaches and beers -- Lest my readers suspect

I'm in Boracay for the afternoon trying to arrange for an extension of my measly 3 week tourist visa. I just thought I'd let my readers know -- I now count amongst my readers my boss Meg -- that I'm not just sitting around swimming and drinking beer on the beach.

In fact the closest I've come to the beach so far since my arrival here late on April the 9th is today. Since Filipino superstitution prohibits newborns from leaving the house for their first 9 to 10 days and also limits travel until the all too important baptism I have no idea when I will be able to enjoy the beach! Naturally being a doting new father I don't want to be away from my sweet Charlize any longer than absolutely necessary.

Not to mention the fact that I'm very disappointed in her grandfather, formerly known to me as Tatay (Tagalog for father). Last night he was on a drunken stint. Such escapades are all too frequent nowadays. His midnight duty was to guard the watermelon patch and so his idea of fulfilling this duty was to drink Tanduay to excess all day and then as soon as everybody went to bed he came back to the house to shout and make so much drunken noise that it was impossible to sleep.

I made a pretty clear statement about him being a vampire (Aswan in Visaya) and how I thought he should shut the hell up. His immediate reaction was to shut up. Hooray! But then he did that old bugs bunny bullshit about being able to shut up, shutting up and practically shouting how sorry he was.

Honestly I don't know what to do. He is far more poorly behaved than his 4 year old grand-daughter. But he acts like a fairly reasonable person when he is sober. Last night I made a point of standing outside with him while I was having a cigarette and completely ignoring him including his idiotic apologies.

Guess all I can do is make a point to him that he is being an ass and hope he cares enough to change.

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