Sunday, April 09, 2006

Incheon Airport -- Seoul Korea

In keeping with my habits as of I just want to briefly record the state of the airport in which I'm currently residing temporarily.

10 minutes is too damn short and 500 won coins are too much of a pain to carry around with you. Other than that I find the iriver Yahoo internet lounge next to gate 31 to be not a bad place to surf the net and make updates to my blog.

Besides this you get your normal luxuries, subways and KFC and beer, beer, beer at psycotic prices, not to mention horrible exchange rates. But US dollars are so much more portable than those ridiculously large 10 000 won bills. Why don't they make proper bills with a larger denomination than 10 000 won anyway? But now I have to save and go because I have a mere 3 minutes to shut down my slim and get out of this computer. I know I can do it faster but the consequences! I have no more coins and I don't want to make my money cache any larger than it needs to be.

Bye for now.

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