Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Getting hot and sweaty in Kalibo

Stationed in an adequate and not too expensive hotel with fan cooling I'm spending 400 pesos, that's US$8, a day to keep my new daughter and Rosi away from the hell that alcoholics bring when you are stuck cohabitating with them.

Okay, my wave of paranoia is basically over. Soon I will be returning to Salvaccio's to collect some books and other baby things but I'm not worried about meeting up with the machete guys because they are basically harmless when sober. I will try to use a tricycle when I pass their homes of course. No need to shed anymore blood than necessary -- and I will not stoop to their level by going to the store for my own machete.

I'm not sure what the law is like in the Philippines but I'm pretty sure that hacking away at somebody with a machete could land me in prison. I don't want languish in prison, or test the judicial system, for that matter, of any country but least of all the Philippines with Korea taking a close second place.

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