Sunday, April 09, 2006

Fortunate traveler

As always I am still the ever fortunate traveler. I rarely suffer delays or mishaps and mostly enjoy my time in transit. In this case I seem to have recovered sufficiently from my nasty broncial infection to be able to thoroughly enjoy -- no, you didn't misread that, I did say enjoy -- the airport experience once again.

I suppose it's something between the comfort available in modern airports and the attitude of a rather pleasant limbo between work and vacation. What would I be doing at home right now? Probably the exact same thing I'm doing here: Smoking, drinking beer and messing around on the net.

And yet at the Incheon internation airport, the name and location is quite accidental, I'm having a grand time.

I did come across one of my first traveling misfortunes in a while however. My flight was delayed by about 2 hours making my stay in the airport quite a lot longer than usual. Such is life.

So, I'm off to the Philippines to obtain an E2 work visa, having gained some agreeable employment in Cheonan. I plan to pay Rosi a visit and with luck we can induce labour with a little bit of bed sport. If that doesn't work we'll try something a little more exertive like kitchen sport I guess.

I can't help but hope that my misfortunes will multiply on this trip. My new employer would only agree to my abscence for the briefest of times. Once I obtain my Visa I have to get onto the plane. Perhaps this fortunate traveler will find misfortune instead this week.

But if not then I need to work very hard at the labour induction and somehow I need to find a delicate way to obtain a blood test. I may be ashamed of this in the future but I really dislike dishonesty and even more so I dislike dishonesty when it is directed towards me. Actually I positively dispise it when people deceive me. Sadly, there has been a bit too much of this lately in Cheonan. I can understand it when it is not a malicious thing -- when it is a necessity for survival, but if dishonesty comes about as a means of getting ahead that is when I find it the most despicable.

Anyway, suffice to say that I'm sufficiently displeased with the potential inlaws that I'm willing to hurt Rosi's feelings just so I can be sure that I should become a responsible dad. If all is on the up and up, I might regret being suspicious. But what are you gonna do? Some people are far too easily heart broken by perfectly natural rational behaviour. That is the nature of human relations isn't it.

Okay, I've been getting emails by the curious. So far there is no news. Rosi's belly is getting fuller and fuller and harder and harder and she's just doing her best to keep Charlize inside until I can get there and help to get her to pop out. I'll be with Rosi by Monday afternoon. If all goes according to plan Rosi will go into labour about 25 minutes after I arrive and get her alone in a cool dark place.

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