Monday, April 17, 2006

Charlize Gabrielle blew her horn!!

Charlize Gabrielle
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At 1:20pm on April the 12th, 2006 in the delivery room of Ibajay District hospital Charlize Gabrielle's lungs filled for the first time so that she could fill the halls with her melodious cry of discordance.

Her voice came just in time for me as I was about to come dashing -- damn the orderlies, nurses and doctors blocking my way -- into the delivery room having just heard Rosi call out in a loud cry of pain.

She is 2.8 kg (a normal birthweight in the Philippines 6.38 lbs)and feasting quite regularly on breastmilk -- and nothing else.

For the time being I am spending my time watching my sweet daughter eat, pee and poop. I'm bound again for Korea but I'm in no hurry and will wait for my call.

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