Saturday, March 25, 2006

A slight misunderstanding

Perhaps I was wrong but I thought I understood at least one or two Korean women. Presently, I'm overly perplexed by the curfews that the typical Korean woman apparently has to endure whilst single. Today, I met with a Korean woman who is over 28 years old and is cursed, or perhaps blessed, with a 9pm curfew!

Most sane westerners would tend to believe that this woman doesn't really have such a curfew. They would believe that, in fact, she is just making the curfew up, to end an evening dinner before it goes badly. And yet, and yet . . . how can you go home at 8:30pm with such a strange excuse and at the same time arrange for another meeting the following weekend?

And so, I puzzle and consider and doubt and wonder . . . Living with your parents until you marry can certainly give rise to some very odd behaviour. I was teaching her English by the way. Just to clarify for the suspicious.

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