Monday, March 06, 2006

Back in Korea -- It's nice to be able to communicate again

One of the oddest things I noticed about being in Korea is that it's nice to be able to talk and be understood by most people again. My Korean is not fantastic but I can make myself understood when it's important, my Tagalog (Filipino) on the other hand sucks and I find myself incapable of communicating with people in many of the less populated parts of the Philippines.

I took the RoRo (Ride On, Ride Off -- Bus, ferry, bus, ferry) from Caticlan to Manila. It was not a very pleasant 11 hour trip. I think I picked up some ticks or some other sort of blood sucking insect on the second ferry, or perhaps I just picked them up on my last day in Ibajay.

At any rate I didn't have much fun trying to dig the tiny creatures out of 3 parts of my body with a pin. Especially getting the last one out of my ass was a real pain considering that it was both a hard spot to see and to reach. Rosi usually gets the ticks out for me -- cause she's a girl, girls can see small things.

Tried to contribute to the Wikitravel on Boracay the other day, we'll see if the edits I made will last. Maybe when I have more time I can finish the job.

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