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Fraudsters posing as qualified teachers at JaRam in Suji, YongIn, South Korea

The subjects of this letter are Gwendoline Van Dyk and Stefanus Van Dyk (aka Zulu)
Dear Linda

Please past this on to Mrs Oh
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Dear Mrs. OH

I have given it a lot of thought, and I have decided it is best I resign from Ja ram, effect immediately, as I have absolutely no respect for my Head Teacher Zulu, nor for my Manager Gwen Van Dyk, and will not work under them.

Gwen boasts Zulu is a great teacher with 17 years experience, teaching kids in schools, is not quite accurate.

He has spend most of his life, working for a Coal mine company and then an Earth moving company called T.C and sons Earthmoving Contractors, from 1980 to 1998. Before that, he was in the Air force from 1965 to 1976.

The highest qualification he has is a PHD from Saint Regis University, in TESOL.

Saint Regis University an unaccredited university, that gave out fake degrees. Note this abstract from the Oregon Student Assistance Commission Office of degree Authorization

St. Regis University Dominica; Liberia; Washington D.C., State of Washington Closed by court order, June 2005. Degree mill. Falsely asserts Liberian government approval. Falsely asserts Indian government approval. Appears to operate mainly from State of Washington but may have operations elsewhere. Note: not the same as Regis of Massachusetts or Colorado.

His Next highest qualification is a National Teachers Diploma in workshop award in 1982, that he used to teach apprentices how to run a coal mine,

Note this is not a degree! Zulu does not have Bachelor�s degree!!!!
In order to get an E2 visa to teacher English in Korea, and applicant needs the following qualifications, (take from the website of the Korean Ministry of foreign affairs, and click on the link below to find out more)

B. Application and Required Documents

a certificate of Bachelor's degree or a certificate of educational background higher than the Bachelor's degree

It concerning Zulu does not the legitimate qualifications to work in Korea. Equaling concerning is when he lose's control of the class, he resorts to hitting kids to maintain discipline.

If he continues to be allowed to hit kids, he will lose you students in Ja Ram school.

Gwen self-boasts to be this great teacher, with three PhD�s, and help write the curriculum of the South Africa Education system.

Gwen Three PhD�s are from the same Fake University (Saint Regis University).
Her next highest qualification is a HED.

While it looks like a degree, it is in fact a diploma, which in English is called a �Higher Education Diploma (Preprimary).

The Minimum Number of NQF credits need in South Africa to get this diploma is 120.
The Minimum Number of NQF credits need in South Africa to get a Bachelor�s is 480.
(as quoted by the South African Qualifications Authority)

It is a very low teaching diploma. She is still at least two years of full time study away from a bachelors.

In 2000 Gwen applied to become a teacher in New Zealand.

Ever though New Zealand at the time was in a heavy teacher�s shortage, She was unsuccessful because she was not qualified enough to teach in NZ.

When she came back to South Africa, from Taiwan she could not get a job as a teacher with the government. Therefore, she took a job with a private company called SANTS. SANTS work in rural areas of South Africa teaching unqualified teachers from poor towns, how to teach, in workshop like programs.

Gwen her self thou is an under qualified teacher.

In order to be qualified to teach in primary and secondary schools in South Africa, candidates must complete 3 years of teacher training. Teacher training is provided at universities, teacher-training colleges, and technikons. The common length for the pre-service training for secondary school teachers is four years (although some departments have three-year programs). A teacher-training program generally involves a three-year degree, during which a student majors in two subjects, followed by a one-year diploma in education, or integrated four-year degree and diploma.

Under qualified teachers like Gwen are a common problem in South Africa.

In 1997, 74 percent of South African primary school teachers had met national standards, while 24 percent were considered to be either unqualified or under-qualified (Department of Education, 2000). There also are disparities among different regions in the proportions of qualified teachers working in the schools. Unqualified and under-qualified teachers tend to be assigned to rural and remote areas.

Gwen claims that she was asked back to South Africa to rewrite the South Africa education systems curriculum. Gwen was in Taiwan when the new education curriculum of South Africa was introduced.

Curriculum 2005, the new curriculum, was phased in at Grade 1 in 1998, and will be phased in at Grade 7 (or the first year in junior secondary school) in 2000 (Ministry of Education, 1999).

Mrs. Oh I find you to be a nice kind person, but I am very confused why you place so much trust in someone that has proven to be a liar. Gwen and Zulu are not the people they make themselves out to be. They have liar and used fake degrees to get their positions, while more experienced, qualified, and harder working teachers (i.e. Suzi) have not been given the recognition they deserve. Your School would run better if you make Suzi the head teacher.

Gwen and Zulu have cost you five teachers, and they have now cost you another one.


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