Sunday, February 12, 2006

Bathing in Algae

Sadly, these days the river near Ibajay as well as White Beach in Boracay have become choked with green algae. Rosi says it’s the heat. Rather than stepping on and bathing in the slimy green stuff we’ve been forced to use a sort of well (bo-bon in Tagalog) that the wise and experienced Tatay created, which is basically a small hole about 40 cm deep and 40 cm in diameter dug into the sand and rocks in the middle of a sand bar on the bank of the river.

The water that comes from this ‘well’ in the sand is quite untainted from the algae and it lacks the water striders that adorn the rest of the river, so bathing is not quite as much fun as it used to be. I just hope that the algae won’t last too long I miss my horizontal showers.

Sadly, I was too foolish the last time I was in Boracay to check if the Bolobog beach was also tainted with the Algae -- so it could still be a nice place to dip in the surf -- unlike White Beach.

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