Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Layover in Narita

Narita is a big airport but it feels so good to have the freedom to go for a brisk walk after 10 hours on a tiny Japan Airlines plane. Absolutely no leg room at all and when you do get up to go for a whiz you feel like you have to keep everything tightly sucked in and pulled in for fear of bumping into somebody or something. my ass always hurts when I get off the plane -- maybe that`s because I`m always unconscious in public when I fly, who knows for sure the last time I was unconscious in public my head hurt quite a bit but that seems to have healed.

It`s not a long layover but sometimes 3 and a half hours can seem an eternity. To add to my woes I stupidly forgot to exchange my Candian dollars for American currency and I`m stuck at a US$5 budget or I`ll have to use my credit cards. Just as well I suspose, I still haven`t found a bar here but I did find some Kirin beer -- hooray.

The Vancouver airport wasn`t bad but they charged for online access $1 for each 10 minutes and the bloody shits have a firewall on the internet access so you can`t surf to the most benign of sites because `they may have inappropriate content`, bloody faggots. I finally overcame that problem with a lovely proxy surfer that worked just fine on all the sites I wanted to surf whilst waiting for my boarding call but then I ran out of loonies and didn`t like the idea of charging their minimum US$5 to my credit card -- hmmm, the 5 peso coin from the Philippines looks almost identical to the loonie, do I dare give it a try?

Narita, the Tokyo airport has something called the `Yahoo! Cafe` with free internet access and no filters for content. I cannot help but be really pissed at having had to spend $1 for 10 minutes in Vancouver by comparison. Especially since Vancouver didn`t even provide a regular browser. You had to search using one of the big 3 search engines, how silly that I had to search for all the web addresses that I`d normally just type in, and that bloody filter. Okay I`ll stop complaining.

I think it`s time to search out a pint in this massive international departures lounge I do so like a pint when I`m in transit. Manila here I come in just 7 hours!

Later . . . Sweet a couple of beers and now I'm online with my own laptop. Had to try it out. I turned on my laptop and was invited to spend 500 Yen to hook it up to the wireless here. That's about US$4.50 so I figured what the hell. I like wireless access. Sweet but I can't get onto my gmail for some god-awful reason. I think they are still in Beta so they still have their asses covered.

Smokes are cheap in Japan too. Just US$2.75 and there are heaps of pretty girls here of course lots of them are Filippino and Korean and Chinese. One of the most relaxing airports I've been in, but of course that may just because I'm an internet addict.

By the way, I'm not sure where I will be staying in the Philippines but chances are I won't be on the net very often. I'll be feeding my addiciton to seawater and sun instead of my addiction to email. So, if I don't post for a bit don't be too surprised.

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