Tuesday, January 17, 2006

It's a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlize 6 months in utero
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Update January 24th 2006: I was able to use my macro function on my camera to make a much better copy of the pritout from the ultrasound -- no more fuzzies. And thanks to the complimentary wireless service of La Nouva Cappanina -- an expensive but very good upscale restaurant on Boracay -- I was able to upload the better copy.

Just went to the ultrasound clinic to make sure everything is right with the baby, and guess what? Russell was right -- It's a girl!!

Funny thing about the clinic:

Ultrasound clinic washroom
As you can see there is no handle for flushing so you must fill the green bucket on the left and pour it down the toilet in order to flush. Definitely no sign of soap anywhere in sight. This is typical for the Philippines, but it is also typical for many other countries including Hungary and South Korea (although South Korea would likely have a handle for flushing and a toilet seat).

According to the clinician everything looks good, fingers toes and all the little bits are in place, but of course personally I think she looks a bit funny right now. On the left you can see a blurry blob that is her abdomen and on the right you can see the top of her head (I think). I couldn't find a scanner so I had to put up with this blurry photo.

We've tenatively decided on Charlize -- I'm not sure of the spelling yet. Because Rosi thought Charlie would be a funny name for a girl. She had agreed to it before but back then she was certain it would be a boy so she didn't really care what girls name I threw at her. I probably could have said Hilda or Bertha and she would have been fine with it.

Cigars all around. Well I guess I should wait. Knock on wood.

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