Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Goodbye Canada -- Hello Philippines

I'm off in just a few short hours to Manila via Tokyo. I've been in Edmonton for about 15 days and it was way too short.

But I'm eager to see Rosi in the Philippines so I'm not overly sad about leaving Edmonton. As usual I'm having my pre-flight jitters. I haven't slept despite the fact that it's 5am and my flight isn't for a couple of hours. I've never had much luck sleeping when the flight is early in the morning. I guess I fear that I'll oversleep and find myself stuck. Of course, the real fears with this all started before I had realized that plenty of flights are easily rescheduled.

But I tried to call Japan Airlines yesterday and I won't ever try that again. Man it's unbelievable how hard it was to find their bloody phone number. When I finally got my travel agent to dig up a toll free number I waited for about 20 minutes online for somebody to help me. Luckily she was able to give me the local numbers for Manila and Seoul.

Enough chit chat, it's time for a final toothbrushing, shaving and smoke inhaling.
Ta ta Canada. I'm not sure when I'll be back. I have a return ticket but that's just because I couldn't see any other way to get by the Canadian airport authorities. I really wish those guys would lighten up already. If I come back to Canada I'll have to shell out another $2000 to get back to Asia and hell I got lots better stuff to do with my money.

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