Sunday, January 15, 2006

Bye bye to the bibi

I'm off to stay with Rosi's parents for a while so we are moving farther from the beach but not too far, maybe a 15 minute walk. Too bad the beach near her parents isn't as pristine and white looking. I thought I might have some photos for you guys but the internet connection here is very slow so I need to wait until I can find a faster connection -- maybe in Kalibo. One photo has already taken 2 minutes and it's only half way uploaded.

Speaking of which, probably won't be online for a while as there is no internet for miles around Rosi's parents'place. I'm hoping I'll have the time maybe once a week or at least once a month to get onto the net. Until then see you later. I'm planning to stay here for a minimum of 3 weeks, most likely 6 weeks before I even think about going someplace to work.

Oh yeah some photos from the new year's eve and my all too brief stay in Edmonton:

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