Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Back in Boracay

Sitting in a posh Boracay restaurant called La Nouva Capannina using their wireless internet with their compliments. Of course I will have to pay the bill for dinner! I'm staying in an obscure little hotel, the name of which escapes me (Rosi tells me it's called 'Tropical Resort') and only paying 1000 pesos a night because I opted for fan cooling instead of the 2500 pesos for the air-conditioned version -- all they did was unplug the air conditoner and plug in the fan. Looks like I'll be spending about the same on dinner, 1000 pesos that is, which amounts to about US$20. The head chef, we weren't introduced so I can't tell you his name, was more than happy to mess around with my computer for about 15 minutes to try to get me online. As it turns out the problem was with my own computer not their network.

My computer had been set to use my brother's Telus provided internet configuration service and so its normal automatic setting for getting onto various wireless networks was turned off. So I found this handy guide to get my laptop back on track, thanks once again to the head chef who decided to plug me into the LAN at the bar enabling this discovery:

How to check the Wireless Zero Configuration (or WZC) service

I'll visit the immigration office tomorrow and hopefully avoid going to Manila to extend my 3 week visa. Meanwhile I'm hoping that my pictures from the Ati-Ati festival in Tagbaya on Sunday will finish uploading to my flickr account before I run out of battery power. If I succeeded you'll see the pictures today, if not then you'll have to wait until tomorrow. Rosi and Rowena are occupying themselves by wandering around the grounds.

The only problems that I'm encountering here in Boracay now is a sort of restlessness with the speed of service and the shoddy workmanship. This restaurant is good all around except that I had to wander into the shower across the hall (I guess it's for the residents workers bathing needs) to find some soap to wash my hands. But the Alice in Wonderland internet cafe was painful, quite literally. When I tried to plug my flash card into the USB plugs of their computers I was given quite a painful electric shock. I asked for another computer but it turns out that none of them are properly grounded and they just told me to go to the tourist centre next door.

Unfortunately the tourist centre was shutting down their internet for maintenance. I guess I'm too demanding of an internet customer, only to find that a restaurant was able to serve all my needs at once. When I took the ferry from Caticlan and they started passing out the life jackets because of the choppy waters I was getting a little bit concerned that my laptop would need some major servicing and of course that my arms would be tired from too much swimming with a 3-year-old Rowena in tow because 'mommy' would probably have trouble swimming with all that extra weight Charlize has been gaining inside her stomach lately.

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