Saturday, January 14, 2006

Ah, I missed the sea and the white beaches

I'm back and I'm so glad I came. Boracay I missed you so much. And this time I'm hanging out with a 6 month pregnant lady and her 3 year old daughter. You'd think it would be a drag but it isn't!

Lucky thing I was able to exchange Canadian dollars at a rate of 44 pesos each just before you exit through customs at the NIAA airport in Manila I wasn't expecting to be able to get rid of my Canadian cash but it was no problem and the rate is heaps better than was available in Canada -- 40.19 pesos to the Canadian dollar was the offer in Vancouver -- Ha ha ha, you guys suck.

Off to the island of Aklan in 2 more nights but I'll have to go swimming some more. The tide went out on White Beach and the shallow crystal waters are soooo amazing. Cold as ice with waves of hot, hot sun-warmed bath water. What an experience. Makes swimming take on a whole new meaning.

Canada I miss you but you guys are just missing out so much. Come visit maybe I can hook you up with a nice place. We stayed at Alice in Wonderland for 2 nights, pretty decent deal at 1500 pesos a night (US$30). Not bad for the high season anyway. No TV but who the hell wants to watch TV when you can enjoy the beaches and the terrific restaurants?

Anyway gotta go Rowena misses her Nanayi (grandmother) and she's pretty moody, time to go play with her yo-yo see if that will cheer her up. Sorry forgot my memory card reader at the hotel so no pics of her cute green bikini yet but maybe tomorrow.

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