Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Edmonton isn't strange -- I am

Wow, some things have really changed here in Edmonton, but not as much as I had expected. Okay, a couple of shops have shut down, the Lucky 97 store turned out to be not so lucky and burned down, but it seems like the same place all in all.

It's just me that's different now. I keep on expecting Edmonton to be as different as I now am, but it isn't. It feels so strange. I've changed so much in this last year, in ways that I just can't explain. I look upon this city of my past and wonder how it can seem so familiar and yet I feel so lost here.

Granted I have many, many friends and family here. Most of my friends are so good to me and so supportive that they feel like they are family. Many of them are even more like family than some of my family is -- too be quite honest.

It is so odd that today I can talk with some of these wonderful people on the phone and I know they are just a 5 minute drive away and this makes all the difference. Our conversation is not at all like one we would have were I a 12 hour plane ride away. But each conversation is had on the phone. So why is it that being in the same city and talking over the same phone lines feels so different?

I had dinner with my parents today and . . . No, I'm not going to talk about that . . . It's finished. Okay, I'm angry and hurt. But that's it I'm not going to go there anymore.

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