Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Christmas Blues

I'm just trying my best to avoid the blues of Christmas past, present and future by surfing about. is down at the moment so I can't bookmark but this feature deserves a special place of it's own in any case.

BugMeNot is an extension for Firefox that allows you to use the web-based, registration-avoidance system (of the same name) without the hassle of surfing to it and querying its database by hand. Apparently law-breakers can also use it to get access to paid subscription sites.

So, the Christmas Blues! "Why would anybody be sad during Christmas"? is a question I've heard many a person ask in the past few years. What not everybody realizes is that Christmas time is a prime time for suicide attempts and depression. I think this is partly because of the darkness that we experience in the northern hemisphere but you can't discount the fact that many people are extremely unhappy with their family life.

It's during the jolly season of Christmas that people compare their family life to the ideal and often find their own life pales dramatically by comparison. They find themselves with little option on the holidays but to spend time with people they don't like but are by some bizarre,freak accident of fate closely related to.

Personally, I have found Christmas to be a time of misery -- mostly because it was always a season of extremely dramatic family fights. Also, it has become, in my adult life, a time to leave the comfort of my own home and community. When I was a child I dreaded the lonely Christmas holidays, while I was in University I deeply missed the community of my colleagues.

Luckily this Christmas I will be seeing many of my dear friends and family in Canada, but sadly I will be missing others dear to me in Korea and the Philippines. Such will probably always be the reality for me -- it is the lot of the traveler. It has been my lot for many, many years.

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