Wednesday, December 21, 2005

All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth

It's been a tough couple of days! First I found out that the University job that I was offered didn't come with a very reasonable contract. They wanted me to sign up without the typical contract standards of an end of year one month salary bonus, and also without airfare to my country of origin.

These two contract terms are a standard in Korea. From what I understand the bonus is actually dictated by Korean labour laws, so an employer that tries to remove this is dodgy by any terms. Needless to say I refused to sign such a substandard contract. So, now I'm a free agent I may wind up working in Taiwan, Korea or Japan -- only the future can tell.

The second major let down I had this week was with the shockingly substandard letter of reference I received from my obviously vindictive boss Gwen. Luckily I was able to have a meeting with Mrs. Oh and find that at, least she was happy with my work. Gwen's plan to rob me of a good letter of reference has failed, I was able to get Mrs. Oh to write another one -- one that much more correctly showed Mrs. Oh's view of my assets as a teacher and an employee.

I wish you would come back to work with us. Anytime, next year, please come back to work for us. Just please no drinking next year.
Director of my school-- Mrs. Oh

I guess I have had a problem with Gwen ever since I discovered that her three doctorate degrees (from Saint Regis University) are all fake -- as are all degrees that have been granted by this fraudulent university.

Finally, probably the worst thing that happened this week, was when I got very drunk with Sunny's husband Mr. Ha on Tuesday night. Together we must have drank about 8 bottles of soju. For the uninitiated, this is no small matter, 4 bottles of soju each is beyond a lot of alcohol for one sitting, it is so far beyond a lot that it's not funny. But to cap off the evening I found myself without my glasses outside getting the shit beaten out of me by I-didn't-know-who! I could barely walk and talk let alone defend myself in that state of inebriation.

In fact I cannot say if I did defend myself -- I don't recall anything after the 4th bottle of soju save not being able to see for a few minutes and then arriving home in the taxi bloody and bruised.

And so another fall-down-drunk got the snot beaten out of him the night before last. When I got home via taxi somewhat sobered up by the taste of blood and the pain. My roommate Andrew had informed me that it was Zach who had been my tormenter. Naturally I was wondering "What the hell"?, "Why, me"?

I've never been in a fight before and god willing never again. My task remains to sort out with him why he did this and somehow find my way onto the plane that will take me to Canada on Christmas day.

Revenge you ask? I don't think so. Like I said, I've never been in a fight before. Now that I'm about to be a father, why should I jeopardize the situation and put my child's welfare at risk for such a silly idea. Revenge? Ha, I give you fatherhood and family. Not to mention the fact that I probably need about 2 weeks for all of my bumps and bruises to heal. Were I silly enough to seek revenge I'd probably fight like an old man considering the pains I still feel to my back, neck, chest, and face. No, revenge will not be mine.

But I will have a chat with him. I'm hoping that he was at least half as drunk as I was, though I know for a fact he wasn't drinking soju but the much less intoxicating beer. I do dearly hope that he was not sober when he beat the shit out of a semi-comatose drunk who didn't even know what was going on.

Tuesday night I was a man graced by god. The power of my life was taken from my hands by somebody out for revenge. I still don't know why. Apparently I was being annoying in my drunken stupor. Nevertheless, as far as I know I could have been killed or maimed handily. Now I'm just glad I'm alive and in one piece.

My final word on this is that I take full responsibility. I discovered the 'art' of drinking here in Korea, not in my home country of Canada. And I abused alcohol far too often. It was exceptionally stupid of me to get so very drunk. I did believe myself to be among friends, but that is not a good excuse. Never again, shall I place my welfare in the hands of another by imbibing to the point of blacking out. By the way, for the curious, I still have all my teeth.

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