Saturday, November 05, 2005

Yum Cheese -- Hannam Supermarket


I'm in Seoul waiting for the rugby game to start -- only 4 hours to go! Just finished scoping out the bars to see which ones will be showing the game. 3 Alley Pub will close at 1:30am as per usual, so that's a no go, Hollywood Grill and Scrooge (across from the 3 alley pub) will both be showing the game so I'll go stake out a chair and table in about 2 hours in Hollywood as it seems to have a better atmosphere. Meanwhile, I don't have much to do but blog and maybe read some of the books I picked up at What the book.

Hannam Supermarket

I Just went wandering around Hannam Dong which is the centre for most of the foreign embassies to South Korea (most notably the Indian and the Spanish embassies). I found this great little shopping centre where you can find heaps of stuff that is usually way too expensive or far too difficult to find in South Korea. I Picked up some; One-year-old Cheddar (only 12000 Won for 800 grams), Gorgonzola, Hungarian salami, smoked oysters and Kettle Creek potato chips at Hannam Supermarket for very reasonable prices! I would have bought tons more but I'm not going home until about 3am and I plan to spend some time drinking to excess.

Directions to Hannam Supermarket:

  • from HangAngJin subway (one stop from Itaewon) line 6, come out of the subway exit 2. Walk toward the main road, cross via the pedestrian overpass, turn right and walk for about 200 metres. Stop at the massive bowling pin and go down the stairs.
  • Adjacent to the Volvo dealership
  • 400 metres past Dankuk University (away from the Han river)
  • 300 metres before the Harley Davidson dealership and Spanish Embassy
  • On the 5500 bus route.
  • telephone (02)702-3313 open 365 days a year

In the same basement complex there are also a few other shops (listed below) where I picked up the Gruyere cheese, the Old Cheddar with the Hungarian Salami and a sore thumb respectively:

  • the Hansel and Gretel Deli (Gruyere cheese)
  • Dandy's Grocery and imported foods store (Old Cheddar, Hungarian Salami)
  • Hannam Bowling Centre (a sore thumb)

Some other people have provided directions, as well, but mine are better!

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