Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Writings in a Bathroom

Some of the jokes on this site are hilarious! As a current resident of Korea I'm experiencing the very serious symptoms of bathroom humour withdrawal -- a patronizing world view with dry undertones of a smug, self-satisfied, holier-than-thou-attitude.

Anybody who thinks I should grow-up for appreciating this 'poetry' -- it does rhyme and it has metre too-- should develop a sense of humour or die in the attempt.

I do so miss English graffiti. I'd kill to be able to go to a washroom where I can entertain myself with the local poetry. There is Korean graffiti in the washrooms here but I'm pretty much illiterate in Korean so, I can't wait to get back to Canada.

I didn't 'digg' this article because it's not a tech story.
digg post:
"A collection of writings from bathroom walls. Highly entertaining."

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