Sunday, November 20, 2005

University Life

University jobs are sweet! Here are the features of the job at the University of Suwon that I just applied for:
  • Furnished 1 bedroom apartment OR 400,000 Won allowance
  • 1.9-2.1 million Won monthly salary
  • 20 hours of teaching 4 days a week
  • additional middle-school or high school classes possible but additional pay comes with the territory
  • 5 weeks of holiday each semester (10 weeks annually)
  • a 3 week camp in the winter and summer with elementary kids (additional pay applies)
  • health plan
  • return flight from your country of origin
  • 1 month's salary bonus at the completion of your contract
Compare this to my present school's contract:
  • Furnished 4 bedroom apartment (no choices)
  • 1.9-2 million won
  • 30 hours of teaching 5 days a week must come to work 9am can't leave before 6pm
  • 2 weeks of holidays annually
  • medical costs are shared 50/50 with the boss
  • return flight from your country of origin
  • 1 month's salary bonus
Unfortunately University jobs are not as easy to land since there are heaps more hagwons than Universities. All the same try to land a University job, many have better working conditions than the University of Suwon. Start looking through Dave's ESL Cafe -- Universities start new contracts March 1st, 2006!

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