Saturday, November 26, 2005

Time to Switch to Whiskey by Corb Lund

It's Time to Switch to Whiskey, we've been drinking beer all night, by Corb Lund. From their wonderful album Five Dollar Bill.

The D-Day function on my cellphone tells me it's been:
  • 199 days since I paid off my student loan -- Hurray!
  • 126 days since my summer vacation -- seems like, much longer.
  • 71 days since my last long weekend -- damn the lunar calendar
It also informs me that in:
  • 30 days I'll be drinking whiskey with with my brother
  • 136 days my first child will be born
Corb Lund's Five Dollar Bill reminds me of my life in Edmonton. Whenever I hear a song from this album I come as near as I've ever been, to feeling homesick. But then, I remember my 'homecoming' in 1999, my over-extended stay for the next 4 years, and I don't feel homesick for Canada anymore!

The first time -- I don't know if there will be a second -- I returned to Canada from a life of teaching overseas, I had just finished a year of teaching ESL to Hungarian High School students. Life in Canada seemed so very uninteresting and restrictive. But I was thankful for one thing, I was able to call up my brother, drink some beer with him until they kicked us out of the bars and then go back to his place, where we'd get a good start on a fine bottle of single malt scotch, listen to music, and surf the channels for weird TV programs.

My brother is the most skilled channel surfer that I have so far had the honour to meet. 'Most any night, he could find a show that featured beautiful women whether it be a bevy of beauties in bikinis and hip-waders, or a wacky french film featuring scenes that wouldn't make it throught the most lackadaisical Canadian sensor but somehow found it's way onto late night TV.

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