Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Stop Spam on Digg

Stop spam on digg
Help stop spammers on digg by:
  • clicking the above image, and reading the public service announcement.
  • encouraging Kevin Rose to expand digg's mandate into non-tech news stories
Even though I haven't been digging for very long I've already seen a surge of non-tech news stories mixed in with all of the legitimate tech stories. I'm hoping that Kevin Rose will expand the categories for stories so that I can avoid as many non-tech ones in my daily surf as possible -- because I hate politics, and even though I enjoy bathroom humour I really don't want to run into it at a tech site.

I discovered digg very recently. It's a phenomenal tech news website, with an interesting twist on the social phenomenon -- collaboration -- the current driving force of the web, in my humble opinion. On this site the members 'digg' news articles that they come across during their daily surf. The more people that digg an article the higher the article's ranking and, of course, the higher it becomes placed on the home page.

I've been hungry for good tech news for quite some time, but always, I've found myself decidedly unsatisfied with the technology sections even on tech focused news sites. Wired, Zdnet, BBC News, and yes, even Slashdot just don't have enough to catch my attention most days . Digg has become my daily read when I feel that little urge to scratch my tech itch. Guess the collaborative method of news editing can cover heaps more ground -- that old adage 2 heads are better than one certainly seems to apply here -- news site editors beware you are about to lose your job to the horde and they'll do your job, better than you, just for the fun of it!

But this whole collective experience can have it's aggravations as you can see from the fury that is being vented against KoolAidGuy700 (in his current reincarnation on digg). I bet he's just as happy as a pig in shit about all this attention.
digg post:
Well, this has to be the first digg submission that doesn't link to a web page. Instead, this links to CNET's Buzz Out Loud podcast, where, today, they interviewed digg founder, Kevin Rose. Simply add this link to your favorite RSS reader and enjoy.
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WAIT! You'll need Wimpy if you don't already have it to experience this interesting podcast.

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