Thursday, November 24, 2005

Scotland Vs New Zealand -- Grand Slam?

Get ready for the Grand Slam! New Zealand is one game away from winning this title which it hasn't touched since 1978. In this year's Internationals New Zealand has handily beaten every Isles team that it's come across save the England team which put up a pretty good fight -- a very exciting and stomach churning game.

The kick-off is at Murrayfield, in Edinburgh on Saturday, 26 November at 14:30 GMT.

Inhabitants of Korea can watch this game live on Star Sports South Korea at 23:30 on Saturday night November 26th, 2005. It's also being broadcast at the same time on Monday and at 9am on Tuesday.

The teams have made their line-up changes already, New Zealand has made 13 changes while Scotland has only made 3. This could be the end of an incredible season for the All Blacks!

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