Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Ireland vs New Zealand

The New Zealand All blacks are playing at Lansdowne Road, Dublin, Ireland at 15:00 on Saturday, November 12, 2005.

I guess this game isn't anticipated to be as big a draw as the Wales game last week because it is not being shown live on Star Sports South Korea. Instead, the timeslot is filled with the England Vs. Australia game. Anyway Star Sports will broadcast Ireland Vs. New Zealand at the following 3 times (Seoul time):
  • Sunday 13/11/2005 23:00 (S) first showing -- not live
  • Monday 14/11/2005 14:00 (R) replay
  • Tuesday 15/11/2005 19:30 (R) replay
I was a little disappointed with the Wales game last Sunday morning because the Welsh team never even came close to a comeback, but others that saw the game said it was still a good show. I missed a good part of the game as my brother called me just before half time. This wasn't bad at all as I'm always happy to hear from my brother! But it did make the game seem a little less interesting.

Full Time: Wales 3 -- 41 New Zealand
Last year the point spread was a lot smaller!

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