Saturday, November 12, 2005

Another 40 hour Christmas day

I'm so lucky that I get to experience two forty hour Christmas days in a row! Whoohoo! Yes that's right 40 hours. Christmas day 2004 I flew out of Korea in the early afternoon and arrived in Vancouver for an 8 hour layover. I finally found myself in Edmonton at about 10pm on the same day, making that day about 40 hours long because Korea is 16 hours ahead of Edmonton.

Christmas Day 2005 I will be flying out of Korea at about 8pm and arriving in Edmonton at about 7pm (the same day) with a layover in Vancouver of a mere 4 hours!

Last Christmas while I was in Vancouver I discovered that I was on the same plane as a drinking buddy that I'd met in Seoul Pub, Itaewon -- Patrick. Naturally we went for a cup of coffee together as we waited for his brother to come and pick him up from some burb in Vancouver.

Patrick and his brother had decided together that it just wasn't right to leave an old drinking buddy in the airport on Christmas day without having a few drinks with him. So, we went to a bar in the airport and had a lovely few pints. They took off because they had family waiting to greet Patrick and I went in search of a place for a shower and a nap. Luckily I was able to find a lounge that allowed me to partake of both of these essentials -- it wasn't very expensive either and came with complimentary beer and snacks, awesome!

Finally, about 8 hours after my arrival in Vancouver I was on my plane to Edmonton and the rest of the trip to my parents home was pretty uneventful. All except for my realization that I just could not live with them for my 7 day stay in Canada as their house was an obstacle course piled high with junk that nobody in their right mind would hold onto.

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