Friday, November 04, 2005

aNaL ReTeNtIvE

I just noticed whilst at a PC Bang (Internet Cafe) yesterday that viewing my blog using Internet Explorer is a far from pleasant experience! God my blog looks ugly in that nasty browser. Personally I started using Firefox a few months ago and I haven't looked back since. Anyway, back on topic, in Internet Exporer my blog's sidebar gets pushed to the bottom of the blog making the links I've posted there using difficult to find.

So, I undertook the project this evening of fixing my blog's appearance in Internet Explorer since the PC Bangs in Korea haven't wised up to Firefox yet and my blog just looks unsightly! Those of you who know me might be surprised to discover that I'm extremely anal about stuff like my blog. Everything has to look just so -- to a point of course. If I get it in my head that I need to make something very minor happen I'll spend hours and hours!

I'm not sure how long I spent on this project tonight but lord it wasn't short. I was going through the code line by line trying to sort out what it was that was pushing my sidebar to the bottom. I finally got to the end of the coding and still no bloody luck. Cursing and banging things left and right I lucked out by noticing that a recent link I had posted to was extremely long. This very link in fact:

All I had to do to fix the formatting problem on my blog after all that bloody work was to put a space into the description of this link, and bang everything was copasetic again!

Damn, now it looks like I'm having trouble with the javascript of the Technorati search somehow getting crossed with the the javascript of my archive drop-down bar! ARRRGGG! Maybe off to bed then. Probably it'll sort itself out in the morning without my help. But first I think I need to buy some smokes at the local gas station cause I'm feeling a bit frustrated. Yeah, whatever it's already 2am, I've already spent nearly an hour posting this post and trying to fix my bloody template at the same time, I'm not going to bed until I sort out the Javascript thingy too!

Tomorrow I have a big day planned. I've heard about a grocery store in Hannam (near DanKuk University) that sells cheese at a ridiculously good price -- ahhh, cheese, smelly cheese, any cheese, oh thou dost bung me up, but I love thee so with bread and salamis! Then I need to buy a scarf in Namdaemun, seeing as how they only have horizontally striped scarves at Emart and I loathe horizontally striped scarves. Then I think I'll buy some books at "What the book" book store and finally watch the All blacks playing the Welsh team at the Millenium stadium at 1am my time! Whoo hoo.
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