Sunday, November 13, 2005

Aa to October in under 30 minutes

Man, sometimes I hate Sundays. That long agonizing feeling that you get -- this is my last day of freedom, it's time to start thinking about Monday. If you aren't prepared for that 9am curtain call on Monday then you have to spend half your Sunday working. Even if you don't need to be prepared for Monday you'll probably have some concerns about what kind of an environment you'll be entering -- will the boss be a total cow tomorrow?

So, I spend my time trying not to think about what school will be like, or what boss of mine might get in my way at work, by surfing the net and doing stuff that I like doing on my days off. But it's hard to stop and go to bed early like you should. I've been going through my tags at and organizing them. You know, getting rid of mispelled words and deciding if I need to have one 'link' tag and 30 'links' tags or if I should get rid of one in favour of the other. Korean must be a wonderful thing for those who can speak it -- the lucky buggers don't need to worry about plurals, because there aren't any plurals in the world. Man life would be so much easier for me if I didn't have to decide which tag to make, 'hacks' or 'hack' hmmmm.

So, I managed to get as far as 'October' in my tags and now I think I have to get to bed and I smoked all of my cigarettes so I can add to my Monday morning stress by trying to quit once again -- rather should I stay "I'll stop starting smoking again". It's funny but it isn't easy which tag to choose -- plural or singular. It isn't just the singulars either, as organizes tags in a hierarchy with capitalized words coming first on the settings page so I figured I'd also organize them: so 'october' becomes 'October' and 'japanese' becomes 'Japanese'. The life of an OCD is never complete with the WWW so easy at hand.

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