Friday, November 18, 2005

7am Saturday morning -- ugh!

I'm just trying to shake myself awake, yet again, but this time on a Saturday. Man! That job interview I'm going to, had better be worth it. I'm so sleepy, especially since I had my typical late-night mess about on the computer/internet last night. I just couldn't make myself stop playing around -- too much in the zone.

Especially since I had just discovered a need for an online calendar and at the same time the actually website that may gloriously fulfill that need -- In a very short month and a half I'm going to pack up everything that I want to keep and move to the Philippines until my baby is born or until I can find a reasonable job with enough holidays so that I can watch my baby be born. Maybe the University of Suwon is that place.

The strange thing, is that where I'm going in the Philippines doesn't even have streetlights let along broadband cable connections, so I won't be making as many posts nor surfing nearly as much. The nearest internet to my new home in Tagbaya (the place I'm going) is about an hours commute!

Naturally there are some very positive things about the place that will help me to get over my upcoming surfers withdrawal. For example, I could take up real live surfing, it will certainly be sweet to live 15 minutes walk from the beach. Also, the very sweet and lovable Rowena who, at only 3, has already stolen my heart, despite her painful shyness and obvious curiosity about my whiter than white skin and exceedingly hairy arms.

I'll have to think of another book to bring to her. Last time I visited I brought her a Barbie and a book. She was happiest about the Barbie, no doubt, but everyday she found some time to drag that book over to me and corner me into the role of reading it to her.

Naturally being 3 she refused to read the book in a linear way -- cover to cover what the heck -- and she refused to let me wrest the book from her grip so that I could fulfill my preconceived OCD urges to go from the first to the last page each and every time we read it. But I really enjoyed her temporary amnesia about her shyness. While we were reading the book together she was decidedly not shy, poking her fingers all over the place and asking "what's this"?

So maybe that's what I'm getting up so early for. My sweet new there-year-old daughter, and that little walnut, with heretofore unknown gender in my girlfriend's belly -- makes the daily slog a bit easier I must say.
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