Monday, November 28, 2005

43 things -- Share your goals

I was just doing another late night surf, and rather than go to bed I decided to surf some more. Naturally, I discovered heaps of cool things so I couldn't stop surfing and go to bed. This is just me trying to put a lid on it.

  • 43things -- Yet another interesting way to use tags and at the same time follow your psychiatrist's advice about making a list to help you get out of your current quandary, morass, torpor, what have you -- maybe you'll meet people too.

  • Skype-- Encryption of VOIP and messaging becomes appreciated -- finally!

  • no-install -- Want privacy while using public computers, carry your favourite programs with you, and use public computers without leaving behind a single trace -- Run Firefox, Winamp, Office programs and more from your USB drive!
Okay that's it, I just have to get a few winks now that I got these off of my chest.

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