Sunday, October 16, 2005

Some distasteful subjects

I knew it was coming for quite a few days but just like spewing, having a cold, I should say erupting into a cold, is always a surprise for me. The sheer quantity of phlegm I was forced to eject by way of sneezing on Friday afternoon between 2 and 6 was surprising enough. The fact that I'd managed to excrete more than six times that amount on Saturday afternoon alone gave me pause to consider leaping from my patio window.

To my great misfortune, I'm only on the fifth floor so I decided that it was quite likely that rather than ending my pain this temptation would merely add to my misery. As the mountain of tissue inside my garbage bin began to overflow and the white Aa flow of my tissue began to encapsulate and then incorporate my computer and my mattress I succumbed to another form of temptation and took the Korean cold medicine that my boss wrote down on the piece of paper above for me to show to the man in the pharmacy (or Yak, in Korean, 약):

  • Panpyrin 5 bottles and Ssanghwatang 2 bottles please.
  • Kotmulmeum too please sir.
This just shows me that these posts are really for myself more than anybody else. Hopefully, by encountering them others may endure less pain and an overall positive effect will be felt from my blog, but when it comes down to it I just don't have the organizational talents to keep track of stuff like this, so storing the information on my webpage makes it that much easier for me to use it later. I am still suffering from this cold but the flow of phlegm is greatly diminished, however as seems to often occur these days in Korea it's source has changed as well. Colds never just end with me anymore they move about from one part of my body to the other. I don't know whether it's the incredible levels of air pollution, prevalent everywhere here, or a state of generally poor health brought on by overdrinking and a lack of vegetables and fruit in my diet. Whatever the case may be I'm sure the drastic drop in temperature (25 degrees Celsius) upon my arrival from the Philippines did not help my case in the inevitable Autumn cold season.

While I'm on the topic I might as well make mention of another of my travel problems I've had for as long as I can recall. Whenever I go camping or to a place that has toilets that are out of the ordinary, like India or the Philippines (away from the tourist hotspots),I get all bunged up. When I went on a week long camping/hiking trip to Mount Fryatt (the trail starts at the head of the Athabasca falls in Jasper National park) I went the full seven days without having a single bowel movement! The same was true of India but I was traveling there for 3 weeks so I had to let the bad stuff out or suffer major health problems.

washroom pigpen
And when I was in Tagbaya at the beginning of this month I went six days without excreting! When I returned to Korea I felt like a balloon. I'm just not at all tempted to make use of outhouses, especially ones that lack toilet paper. But I'm back on track now. I believe that I've finally caught up with my natural level of daily bowel movements. But what to do next time I go? I guess I'll just have to train myself as my plans at the moment involve staying in the Philippines (if possible) until my child is born -- around mid April 2006.

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