Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Josh is constantly causing other students pain

My school is truly going to hell in a hand-basket. I need to write report cards again, due Friday. I just handed the last set of reports out only three and a half weeks ago! What am I going to say about the students who haven't changed? Even scarier, I'm supposed to do parent teacher interviews (with a translator) on Tuesday. So, I can't just muddle through and make stuff up! Somehow I have to comment on the three week progress of my 60-odd students without being overly repetitive. Here is my favourite comment from last month:

Josh is constantly getting into trouble, causing other students pain and disturbing the lessons by not paying attention, lying down instead of sitting, and talking when he should be listening or working. However, lately (this last week) his behaviour has been improving. I can only hope that this continues.

It looks like I just made up that last part to make Josh seem human, but really I didn't. I've been on his back like a wart on a toad and it has helped him to improve -- or at least it has diminished the pain he has caused to his fellow students as I was able to whisk him out of potentially injurious situations.

Weighing almost as heavily on my mind is the fact that our school won't be celebrating Halloween this year. Apparently, our head teacher believes that participating in Halloween-like activities is tantamount to celebrating Satan's birthday and supporting witchcraft. Please, give me a break! I've celebrated Halloween every year of my life since I was born. So far as I know I've never imbibed blood nor been involved in any of those nasty Satan-worshipping activities that she seems to fear -- as a matter of fact I went trick or treating to a couple of churches and had a Halloween party every single year in both of my Catholic schools. My boss is from South Africa, I guess she doesn't have the first clue about the true meaning of Halloween -- dress-up and heaps of candy.

Last year we had a fantastic time with our Halloween party. We spent a couple of hours decorating my classroom creating a great haunted house effect, we had heaps of candy, bobbing for apples, scary story time (in the haunted classroom) and plenty of other activities that made the time of year really special. This year, I have no idea what we'll be doing, but chances are it won't be anywhere near as much fun. Why do religious people insist on forcing their beliefs at the workplace? It's like a blantant form of pandering. Folks if you are going to do this sort of thing, like my boss, please have an intelligent argument to back you up, none of this "It's Satan's birthday, do you want to celebrate Satan's birthday?". Good god, man you make religious fanatics all over the world look bad with arguments like that.

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