Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Hell of a commute

So, I'm back. I woke at 4am, forded a river, walked for 20 minutes to the main road, rode in a jeepney for 45 minutes, waited 45 minutes for the airport to open, waited an hour to board the plane, flew for 35 minutes to Manila, took a jeepney to the LRT station in Manila, took the LRT to a mall called Shangri-La, waited 1 hour for the mall to open, chickened out on the shopping and headed back on the LRT to take a taxi to the Nino Aquino International Airport and waited for an hour to fly for 4 hours to Incheon. And then I spent 1 and a half hours on the bus to Suji.

I had a sweet time with my baby near Ibajay (I forget the name of her community right now) and now I'm in the cold, cold country of Korea sleeping alone again (only 16 degrees tonight!). Apparently she picked up a piglet at the local market and plans to raise it until its a big pig so she can sell it to some hungry farmers. She also bought something called a kontador, that isn't in my "New English-Filipino Filipino-English Dictionary" which has the letter K listed directly after the letter B for some strange reason, that should help her cut the cost of electricity for her family's home by 30 pesos or more a month. Right now they are paying 110 pesos for 2 lights and an electric fan (US $2). Now it's 9:30pm (only 8:30 Filipino time) and I have a very strong urge to go to bed. Funny how no street lights and living in a rural area makes you want to go to bed and wake up with the sun. Night.

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  1. Quite a commute. Glad you made it safely there and back. Hope it was a good trip.


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