Saturday, September 03, 2005

Zinzan or Buck or Zinbakzan

Sweaty Pizza 스외티피자
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Wabar Photos 와바 포토

Number 9 in my top-ten list for "Why Korea is so great" is the above picture of Sweaty Pizza 스외티피자. It didn't taste that good but it was edible. The toppings: Sweet potatoes, pineapple and something else that was sweet I forget what. Onions maybe.

The sort of names that your slightly drunken friends suggest to you on the second night of being on the piss when you disturb their concentration on a championship rugby game by telling them that you are going to be a dad in about 7 and a half months:

  • Zinzan
  • Buck
  • Zinbakzan

Naturally enough the names suggested were 'famous' rugby players from New Zealand. By the way, the All Blacks won the Tri-Nations Rugby title and I still don't know what name to give to my future son (daughter?), but I'll keep you posted.

What a weekend! I capped off a positively mature, restful week with a nasty night in Suji with Andy (that's nasty with good on the side instead of just plain nasty). We went for Anchang Sal (delicious beef ribs) 안창살, pints of draught 생맥주at Maddogs , 1 (one) pitcher of lemon soju 레몬소주 at Beer Hunter, and finally to WaBar for a little bit of everything where I got a chance to chat with my friend Sunny. Usually she's too tired, busy or drunk to say very much, but last night was sweet. We bought each other shots of tequila and gabbed all night with boss man and some other Wabar residents 와바 포토. Not the highlight of the night, but interesting in itself, was when Josephine and Leanne decided to kiss. I would have gotten a better camera-angle but I don't think I was standing too well at the time.

I dragged my ass in the doorway and fell asleep in my clothes at about 7am only to wake up at 11 for some inexplicable reason(maybe it was the laundry machine again?). No I didn't have to vomit I took care of that before I went to bed. But then I got a couple of calls so it was good that I was awake.

A mere 2 hours later I crawled onto the 5500 Seoul-bound to watch the final match of the Tri-Nations Rugby Tournament. Snoring and drooling loudly on the crowded bus, my seat-mate (a non-descript korean woman) must have been ecstatic when I finally stumbled off the bus at the Dankuk University bus-stop. I was hurtin' bad.

Luckily, the 3 Alleys pub has a great Guinness stew. Hair of the dog was exactly what I needed before I took my first sip of beer. Once the game was over and I got my friends to spell all the kooky names they were suggesting for my future progency, sense got the best of me and I went home at 7 instead of staying out all night for another taste of the piss unlike some of my heretofore (really) unnamed drinking companions, that quite literally, just stumbled in the doorway (circa 7:21AM) for a second night in a row. God, I have to move to a country where it's tougher to go on the piss. Hmmm, how about Canada? Bars do actually close in Canada.

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  1. I have watched rugby on tv here in the states... it is a great game to watch, but I know I don't have the strength to play it. The All-Blacks are a team that I am slightly familiar with. So is this the end of the rugby season with a championship like the American Super Bowl, or is it a tournament within a season?

  2. I believe it's the final game for a few months. The home of the All Blacks is New Zealand and they won the Tri-Nations (New Zealand, South Africa and Australia) for 2005. But I've heard from Andy (my New Zealand roommate) that the All blacks will be doing what he calls a Grand Slam tour in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland in October or November. I don't know how much attention the games will be garnering but it's quite a rare tour so it should be a gem to watch, if possible.

    Keep an eye on my blog or the Rugby heaven website for more rugby news:
    Rugby Heaven

  3. Sean, thank you for the information. We do get matches on television here, so I will keep my eye out in the coming months.


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