Sunday, September 18, 2005

Yahoo! Search indexes my blog better than Google!

First of all here is my own post "How to burn a dvd" that I made back in September 2004 but updated pretty recently. I had a big surprise today about Google. I tried to find this post only to discover that Google has completely missed it somehow. I couldn't find it using Google's new BlogSearch either!

But I was able to find it with Yahoo Search. In fact, for some bizarre reason that I as of yet cannot fathom, I am at the top of Yahoo's search for "how to burn a Dvd". I have been getting tons of hits on my blog from this search term on Yahoo in the past few months (or some variation in word order) but nobody has every posted a comment to say my post was useful, or as I believe might be the case, as useless as tits on a bull.
Anyway, a friend of mine will be coming over today in hopes of getting one of his Dvds copied. Since I have a tiny laptop with less than 20 GB of space, and usually less than 4GB of free space I haven't been choosing to burn lots of Dvds. Most Dvds are about 6 or 7 GB these days in hopes of outsmarting us Dvd burners which means I'd have to delete a bunch of my favourite songs or pictures in order to do a burn.
But my friend is lucky as I've had some problems with my laptop lately and I have almost nothing on my computer right now. So now is the time to burn some Dvds. I just hope all the software is still available. Oh yeah, and I have to clean up my nasty, nasty room!
On a different note, I missed the birthday celebration of a roommate, to remain nameless for reasons soon to become clear, last night for 2 or 3 main reasons. I wanted to:
  • find out how to put a dotted line in my blog's sidebar (managed to do it after a mere two and a half hours of feverish work).
  • continue my current month-long trend of not getting pissed.
  • enjoy the peace and quite of an empty apartment.
Turns out I missed quite a party. The other three roommates found an old Dalk KalBi (chicken KalBi)place right here in Suji that had moved almost a year ago. I'll have to go and check it out soon, as they serve their chicken with thick rice cakes and cabbage, a style of dish I had been missing. I've been eating quite regularly at a grill style place called Hwa Hwa which is a huge chain in Korea, their Kalbi and their SamGyeopSal are awesome, but a little variety never hurt anybody.

Finally, the main reason I'm glad I missed just such a party (and my roommate will kill me if he sees this) is that he pissed all over himself in a drunken coma last night (according to reports of the other two roommies)! In any case, I'm glad I missed it. I'm not particularly found of seeing grown men piss on themselves or collapsing into drunken stupors. Truth be told, since I came to Korea Ive collapsed into far too many drunken comas and I'm not proud of that either. In fact there was this one night in which I projectile vomited into a very large pail, actually filling the pail up at an alarming rate for those who were conscious, in WaBar Suji. I was completely unaware of the events until well after they had unfolded. These days I prefer to be conscious when I'm not in my own bed.

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