Monday, September 19, 2005

Where are all the online Canadian dictionaries!?

Does anybody else care about distinctly Canadian artifacts like toques (or tuques as a non-Canadian dictionary suggests) or Canadian spellings like favourite, colour, centre, organize. Sure we share some of these spellings with other former commonwealth nations and the U.K. but there are some distinctively Canadian words out there. Hell, I couldn't even find my favourites folder on my laptop because I kept on searching for the Canadian spelling. Favorite just doesn't look right to me. I wonder how one would go about creating a Wiktionary for Canadian spellings?

Hurray! No sooner than I asked the question I discovered Wiktionary which is an online open source dictionary that seems to favour Canadian or at least commonwealth style English. Search on Wiktionary for: favorite. And the results redirect you to favourite. I haven't searched for toque (tuque) yet but if it isn't there I will definitely add it to the database!


  1. I am quite partial to Canadian spelling. I was in northern Minnesota and was disappointed that I was not able to watch more CBC from Winnipeg. For me, and I am not exaggerating, Canada is a fairytale land... an international city in Montreal and the rolling, rural prairies of Saskatchawan... I think that Canada would be a great coast to coast drive if I had 60 days and a lot of money. I LOVE CANADA!

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