Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Spiteful Laptop -- Symantec

Updated:October 28th, 2005
I push the power button on my computer. It begins to start up. The welcome page shows and then I open up an internet browser. Without warning it just shuts down, no message -- nothing. It's just as if the power were suddenly switched off. My Laptop has grown angry with me! Yesterday and Sunday I must have tried to boot it up about 30 times hoping I could download some virus software or find out what is wrong with it through symantec's online security and virus scan but it always shut down well before I had a chance to do more than read a couple lines on the website (you can't use firefox for their Security Scan Engine).

Today when the computer repairman shows up he asks me: "what's wrong with it?" I say with great confidence reinforced by a great deal of experience over the last 2 days: "I'll show you". Turning on my laptop, I expect it to shut-down somewhere between 7 to 180 seconds after it has started like it did so infallibly each and every time on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. But it doesn't!!!! My laptop is trying to embarrass me. Damn, Damn, Damn laptop!

Update: October 27th, 2004
To end the recurring problem mentioned above I've changed my computer lifestyle pretty drastically:
  • I no longer leave my computer on at night to act as a soothing music alarm clock in the mornings (in order to prevent those computer hijackers from using my bandwidth).
  • I scan my computer with a virus software scanning program daily
  • I don't keep any of my music or important files on my computer just on gmail drive and on custom dvds and cds that I burn when necessary.
But I just had the bloody well same symptoms again. My laptop will turn off without notice between 5 and 130 seconds after I hit the power button. Somehow I'm not understanding what's going on entirely but I just removed my battery thinking it might be some sort of a short through a faulty battery. Voila, my computer works like a charm again. We'll see if it continues to work. Now I guess I have to replace the battery.

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