Wednesday, September 28, 2005

So Long, Suckers!

Apparently, one of my colleagues received a written warning, from a pair of bosses to remain unnamed, for uttering these words before he took one week of personal leave to . . ., I forget where, maybe Hong Kong. I'm not sure what their rationale was for the written warning but it sounds like a pretty messed-up way to run a school. I am definitely returning from my trip to the Philippines, so no worries about me doing any scary runners here. I'm leaving my laptop, my mandolin and my officially stamped degrees in my room for safety -- just in case you think I'm talking smack.

I did however pack a 6 day supply of underwear, shirts and contact lenses. I also packed an expensive item of jewelry. I decided to buy that amber amulet that the crazy Korean E-mart clerk said would make a good present only for my mom, NOT for my girlfriend and the mother of my future child "but here is a lovely white gold amulet with heaps of Cubic Zirconia that any young woman would go wild about". God, I hate Cubic Zirconia!
I'm also packing "Barbie with Momma Cat and three kittens (plus one bonus pink kitten to hide in her tummy) "Look who's in momma kittens tummy". Mostly, I got this barbie, who was wearing the gaudiest most ugly blouse I've probably ever seen in my entire life, for little 3-year-old Rowena, because I didn't want to get "Fashion Fever Barbie" who looked like a total slut or "Cali Girl Barbie" because my first reading of her name made me think they'd come out with a "Call-girl Barbie" and I'm so not into the idea of a "Call-girl Barbie" -- no, really I'm not, not at all!
Then I felt such tremendous guilt at having bought my first Barbie that I decided to buy something that little Rowena will probably toss into the nearby monsoon-engorged river: MAXMAG (not good with Firefox). Hey, it said "Ages 3+" on the box.

I'll be back on October the 6th. Thanks to all my colleagues who are going to be working extra hard to cover my butt whilst I'm visiting with my sweets, Rosi. Right now I have to make an emergency CD of potential songs for a kindy concert. Since the internet connections on Boracay seem to be extremely slow I probably won't be making any posts until I get back -- I'm spoiled by cable my friends -- SPOILED.


  1. Sean: Best wishes for safe travels and a wonderful trip... Barbie can be a tough purchase.

  2. Turns out my colleague never received a written warning for this. Guess it was just lunch room talk.


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