Sunday, September 11, 2005

skin -- drinking water segue

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Skin Man; "Skin Man" is the display of the skin and superficial muscles of the human body. In order to respond to the external environment that changes continuously, the human body has develeoped a perfect protection -- the skin. On the right hand of this man is his skin in its original form. The skin is the bodys' largest organ. The total area of the skin of an adult is about 1.8 to 2 m3 and weighs about 10kg. Taking up 8 - 10% of the body weight skin is composed of cuticle and corium. The eyelids are the thinnest area at about 0.25 mm. The hands and feet have the thickest dimensions at about 3-5 mm. Skin is in direct contact with the external environment and so it protects the body from the invasion of harmful materials and bacteria. Also, it functons as a protective barrier that prevents the loss of bodily fluid. Nerves under the skin react to minute stimulation. Also it is the bodies "air conditioner" as it has an important role in regulating body temperature.
-- from a display sign next to the actual figure at the exhibit (edited for grammar and readability).

Wow, I never really put much thought into skin before. It sure is the curse of many people when its covered in unsightly acne.

Unfortunately, many completely and utterly georgeous women and men in Korea are 'disfigured' with nasty acne problems -- a much higher percentage than I recall seeing elsewhere. Maybe it's the wierd water they have here. The government says the water is safe but less than 1% of people in Korea actually drink the water without first treating it by filtering or boiling it. According to an article I read fairly recently in the Korea Herald (1 to 2 weeks ago) the government refuses to make public the methods that it uses to treat the water -- quite rightly the people refuse to trust this heretofore secret treatment system.

According to 'Gateway to Korea' the government has been "giving 87.1 percent of the total population" access to sanitary drining water since the year 2000. Unfortunately, it doesn't mention where the 80 plus percent citizens of Korea who have access to good drinking water reside. Perhaps this is why nobody drinks the nasty stuff!

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