Monday, September 12, 2005

Philippines here I come

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Hallelujah! Finally, I managed to wrangle some time off from my school to visit my girlfriends near Boracay! Thanks mostly to my friends Andy and Susie who selflessly volunteered to take my classes for the 4 working days I will be away. Thanks a lot Andy and Susie! Man, you don't meet such stand-up people very often in a lifetime.
I'll be 10 days late for Rowena's birthday (she's too young to know when her birthday is anyway) but just on time for Rosalinda's. It will be a short trip but with the news I received so recently from Rosi (about the bun in the oven) I really need a chance to meet her again face-to-face, make some plans and get to know her better.
Now I have to go shopping. What the heck should I buy for them -- I'm sure I don't know. But it certainly is a load off my mind that I'll see them again soon.

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