Thursday, September 08, 2005

Loss of Credibility

Okay, that wasn't my last cigarette! I had 3 yesterday and I had one at 12:30pm today. But yesterday I broke my cigarette fast because I was such a grouch with my kindy kids that I started to hate myself. I finally got my computer fixed yesterday but for some reason I was just exhausted and went to bed at some bizarrely early hour like 8:30pm. Now I'm trying to book a flight to Caticlan airport in the Philippines so I can see my Rosi during the Chuseok holiday. I've asked for extra time off from my boss because my girlfriend cannot come here due to all-day morning sickness. I haven't decided whether or not I'll be the rebelious type and just head out whatever my boss has to say or if I'll be a good little slave and just do as I'm told. But the head teacher did announce that our school has a new policy about personal time -- we are allowed to take a week or so of personal time whenever the need may arrive upto somemthing like 2 weeks. As I understand many other people at the Juk Jeon school will be taking holidays to spend time with people that aren't in-a-family-way. So, I think my case is pretty justified.

I'd really like to see the mother of my future child before she gets too gravid -- only problem is the Philippines is hard to get to when you have no holidays. We've been chatting via Chikka txt (my computer and her mobil phone), but it's such a limited way to communicate. She is suffering from morning sickness for most of the day, everyday. I just need to see her again and make sure we understand each other and to make plans for the future. Some things just can't be communicated properly unless it's in person.


  1. Sean: Safe travels and happy landings. I will be in Wisconsin for the entire week. My most exotic journey in the next month will be a trip to Minnesota!


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