Thursday, September 01, 2005

I didn't make anyone cry today -- Hurray!

It's already Thursday night! I can't believe it. I wound up smoking 2 cigarettes today instead of none but that was a nice change from the 20-a-day I was smoking so recently. I honestly can't think where the week has gone. I've been busy, and yes, strangely enough, I've been happy too! I like my new classes, my new students and we are all having a blast. My new kindies don't sing very well, not as well as my last class did, but perhaps I can coax them to sing better given a little time. Tomorrow is Friday and I barely feel as though I've been busy this week at all. Maybe some element of this overall feeling of well-being comes from the fact that I didn't go on a pisser this week. I used to go drinking anywhere from 3 to 7 times a week. So, life is a piece of cake when you don't drink!

Interesting, scary news today. Sounds like my girlfriend might have a bun in the oven. I cannot recall just how many times I've gone through this scare in my 20-odd years of dating but it just never gets any easier! She lives in the Philippines, where the Pope has a great deal of influence (despite the fact that most of his views are ridiculously stupid) so if she IS pregnant I'm finally going to be a dad whether I want to be one or not. It's kind of fitting really. I've been pining away for the children I'd expected to have, but never got around to making for years. And now, a lovely woman, who I adore but barely know at all, may be having my child in 9 short months. Life is wonderful!

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