Monday, September 26, 2005

Hit the Snooze button

Sean's Kindy Grad
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Whoever it was that invented the snooze button I'd love to meet him in a dark alley! I've got snoozebuttonitus. Most mornings these days I can't really get to sleep until about 1am or even later because of a combination of an addiction to surfing and a rather loud household. But I really like to wake up at around 7 so I can partake of the three Ss (shit, shower, and a shave). I usually spend quite a long time doing each of these and since I share a bathroom with two other guys it's quite a lucky day when I manage to do all three on the same morning. Adding to my troubles is the nasty snooze button which doesn't give fair warning as to when it will stop ringing.

Typically I've hit the darn thing approximately 20 times by 8 o'clock and then it stops ringing -- leaving me to sleep in until one of my roommates slams his bedroom or the bathroom door -- this someone is usually 'noisy boy' as I like to refer to him, though I don't mind when he's noisy in the mornings if it keeps me from sleeping-in, as it has maybe 6 out of the last 10 work mornings. Yesterday I woke up at 8:35 which meant that I didn't have a chance for one S, let alone three. Today I managed a very promising two Ss but it was such a tease that I didn't get to do the third and really as I found out later this morning, in fact about 30 minutes ago that it was really only about one and a half Ss -- I hate it when you can only get half an S in!
In the picture above you see me on a pretty typical morning in February, I don't recall how the morning went but as you can see my hair looks like it was glued on. That's a pretty clear hint that I had to skip one or perhaps all three of the Ss! Looking at the faces of my former students it would appear that some of them are quite uncomfortable so I'm sure many of them had to skip an S or three as well! Many of these kids are actually still my students, they just graduated from kindergarten and are now in my afternoon classes. Today I took yet another picture with yet another class of kindies. I'll be sure to post that pic as well when it becomes available so as to continue my elucidation of the Ss and their signs.

It's Tuesday already! At this time in two days I'll be on a plane to the Philippines enjoying some ridiculous in-flight movie that I've already seen about 3 times during other flights elsewhere and ogling the stewardesses of Asiana Airlines. Then in just a few short days I'll be back to Korea again. Hopefully I'll have a chance to dance with Rosalinda again and to go for a few dips in the ocean, and get to know her family a little better. Somehow I don't think I'll be dancing on the bar at Cocomangas again this trip, but I think I'll have a great time anyway.

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