Thursday, September 15, 2005


Another late night wandering the blogosphere, wondering what the hell I'm doing here. All these odd phenomena of tags, categories, bookmarklets, and folksonomies are beginning to drive me just a little bit crazy. My blog is basically just here so I can spew my normal bullshit on the computer instead of writing endlessly sniveling pages of journals about my broken heart (killing numerous trees simply to chuck years of endless ramblings into my parents garage where they'll just grow moldy) and my fruitless attempts to make enough money to pay for my $24.95 2-year flickr subscription with Google Adsense.
I have definitely reaped some benefits from the blog however as now I don't have to worry about calling my parents anymore I simply sent them my link by email. Whereby, in their misguided burgeoning leap toward computer literacy, they can check out my pictures and discover my daily habits here in Korea (the Republic of Pussy as it seems to be called on numerous webpages). They are still demanding that I call them to talk about some sort of odd medical illness (this week it seems to be hemochromatosis -- probably the only medical illness for which the modern treatment is a bleeding for god's sake)here and there but for the moment I find myself far too wrapped up in myself, my smokes (yeah I had to stop, stop, starting smoking again -- it's a botched job better left for a less tumultous period in my thing-a-ma-jiggy-sphere), my webpage and my delightfully antagonizing students. Now when my mom wants to ask me some horribly painful question like: "Are you using those RCMP raincaps my dear? I don't want to see you dragging any pissant little upstarts back to Canada just because you're a careless bastard like I told you you always were.

I can simply ignore her requests for a phone call and should any nastiness ensue, later on, refer her to the email I sent. "Hey mom, I told you to check out my website. WTF." In any case I'm sitting on a sweet, sweet stack of cash I've got liquor in the medicine cabinet and I'm looking at a long weekend with no specific plans. What more could a guy ask for? By the way there's

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and I really, would desperately like somebody to tell me what the heck I should buy for the mother of my unborn child when I go and see her in the Philippines next week. The new love of my life? Who is to tell for sure but I will be glad to have a child after all of these years of waiting and she sure is a great dancer. Yeah, I think I'm falling in love but how the hell can I tell when all I can do is text her on her cellphone from across the wide oceans?

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