Tuesday, September 06, 2005

COEX Exhibit

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Sunday was an interesting day. I went to Coex mall at Samsung Station to see the Real Body exhibit. The exhibit is composed of real human bodies that have been plasticized and cured in different ways in order to show internal anatomy. It was very interesting!

You can still see the exhibit until October 3rd, 2005 at Coex Mall. I don't know what city or country the exhibit is headed too next.

As for the rest of the weekend there isn't that much to say, just that my computer crapped out on me on Sunday night and I've been experiencing surfing withdrawal except when I can make it to an Internet Cafe (PC Bang).

Oh yeah, not so lucky with the smoking thing. I should have never drank that Soju with Andy on Friday night. Ah well, I'll get back in the saddle again tomorrow morning! Still no luck with the name for my 7-week-old embryo come fetus (don't tell my mom -- I want her to find out the hard way). I thought perhaps Angus might be a nice name, for a boy, but most people say it would be a nasty name to saddle him with. If my baby becomes a girl I was thinking Andi.

Embryo: In humans, the developing organism from the time of fertilization until the end of the eighth week of gestation, when it becomes known as a fetus.

On the busride to school Monday morning my roommates and colleagues were not much more helpful with names than the Rugby fans I canvassed on Saturday. I don't like androgynous names like: Ashley, Darcy, Mel, Chris, and Sam. Neither do I like names that remind me of movie stars like: Brad, Rocky, Sly (the last two were Andrew's contribution both), George, Robert, or Bruce. But I guess I have some time yet to consider.

Okay, just smoked my last smoke -- again.


  1. Sean--I think Charlie is a great name for a boy... The name Charles can be pretty versatile, Chas, Charlie, Chuck, Skip, Charles... depends on the personality of the kid. Girl names are a bit tougher.
    I know there are a plethora of baby name websites out there. Is there anyone in your family you want to honor by naming your child after them>

  2. True enough. Charlie as a great name. I even had a grandfather with that name. Hmmm . . . Thanks Ann


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