Sunday, August 21, 2005

Ultimate Frisbee in Suji Sundays at 4pm

This is really just a diversion to keep my workmates from seeing the post immediately prior to this one.
It's a friendly game and anybody can join in just email or post a comment and I'll give you the directions and location.
The Ultimate Frisbee Rules Simplified for the Fun and Spirit of the Game.
Playing Field -- A rectangule with a line at each end.
Beginning the game -- The scoring team throws the frisbee from their endzone to the offensive team. Both teams must be lined up on their endzone lines.
Scoring -- The offense must complete a pass within the defense's endzone -- one point.
Movement -- The Frisbee can only advance via a completed pass. The holder of the Frisbee cannot run. The person with the Frisbee ("thrower") has ten seconds to throw it. The guard ("marker") must be within 3 metres of the thrower before she starts counting to ten in 1 second intervals.
Turnovers -- In the event of an incomplete pass whether it be from a fumble, a drop, a block, a ten count or an interception the defense takes possession.
Contact -- Physical contact results in a foul. If a turnover results from a foul play the turnover is invalid.
Friendly game -- Hey kids play nice! Fighting over the rules gets in the way of the enjoyment of the game.

Just finished playing a fun game of Ultimate in Suji downtown. Unfortunately, Dan and I tripped over each other and I hurt my wrist -- a mild sprain I think. It would be nice to say that the sprain is why I played so badly today, but I cannot tell a lie. A large number of factors were involved in my poor play today including my lack of focus on the game, 18 years of smoking and about 5 years of relative inactivity. I won't even get into trying to blame my parents for it, there seems no point you have to stop blaming them at a certain point in your life -- even IF it IS their fault. Nonetheless I found it very pleasant to play a group sport again.

My smokers cough is getting steadily worse, it's a very good thing that those cheap cigarettes I picked up in the Philippines are almost gone (80 cents a pack!!!!) I'm going to quit smoking again. Somebody once told me: "Quitting smoking is easy. The hard part is not starting again." I couldn't agree more. I must have quit smoking about 10 or 15 times over the last 18 years. I started smoking just one cigarette a day back in grade 10 or 11 (age 16 or 17). Back then you could buy a single cigarette from almost any store -- now for good reason that practice is illegal in most countries. I tasty heady smoke was a most agreeable way to while-away the time as I waited for my bus in the mornings. Then I started buying packs of 5, 10, and then 25 butts. In grade 12 I was a half-pack a day smoker. These days I must smoke 20 or more a day -- gad how do I find the time?

Looks like next week I won't be smoking but I probably won't be playing Ultimate either. My wrist is hurting more and more as I type. But before I give into the pain I have to recall the odd events of this morning: I was awoken at about 6:30am by the sound of my door opening and closing. It was a very strange event because for the 19 or so months I've lived in Korea nobody has ever opened my bedroom door on me -- with the exception of one or two girlfriends who naturally had implicit permission. But today my girlfriend is in the Philippines so she couldn't possibly have opened my door, could she? This strange event was repeated about 2 minutes later. This time I was awake enough to notice a strange fully clothed woman. I mention that she was fully clothed only because it seems somehow pertinent though I'm not sure exactly how. I stuck my head out draped in my bedsheets (I always sleep in the nude, it's the only comfortable way) and got a good look at her. She was in a drunken stupor and trying the other doors in the apartment at random. Finally I realized that she must be looking for the crapper and so I gave her directions which she totally misunderstood. In the end I walked her the 4 metres to the washroom door and bade her farewell.

Later I found this strange woman was sleeping on the couch and I also discovered that Dan had brought her home. I told him that it was a lovely job he did bringing a girl home but the idea is generally to get them into your bed and take advantage of them not get them onto your couch so they can surprise your roommates. Then again, she was far too drunk in a very unpleasant way. Even if I was single I wouldn't want a woman that drunk in my bed -- unless I was equally drunk I suppose. However, if I was that drunk I probably would have gotten lost on the way home (just like she got lost in a 4 bedroom apartment -- the bathroom door was open for gosh-sakes) so cheers to Dan for offering her a couch instead of looking the other way as she tried to stumble home.

Okay now my wrist is killing me.

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