Monday, August 22, 2005

Transfer large files for free

Updated November 1, 2005

There is a great way to transfer your files using your GMail email account. It's called GMail Drive. I've found that it works very well. There are some limitations:
Individual files must not exceed 10 MB (the size of about 3 mp3 files). File names must be 40 characters or less.For the moment GMail Drive is Kaput! With no indication when it will be up and working again.

I was lucky enough to find Xmail Hard Drive today. Just login to the website as if you were logging into gmail and upload single and multiple files. It also has a 'fling' feature that allows you to email individual attachments from its interface directly to your friends!

I have also used Dropload which I have found to be very reliable, but you cannot send a file that is larger than 100 MB. It's a good idea if you are sending many small files to zip them together, saving yourself the hassle of multiple transfers (just right click on a selection of files and choose 'send to compressed folder' Or if you are using Windows 98 search for a utility called pkunzip).

I recently discovered YouSendIt which has a 1 GB file size limit. I haven't used this file transfer service yet so I can't recommend it on experience but it sounds like it will be reliable. Anybody who has a chance to test it out please let me know how you find the experience.

Finally I found Streamload while I was surfing the net the other day. Streamload gives you 10 GB of storage space! Wow, but the catch is that you can only download 100 MB each month unless you subscribe for $5.00/month .

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