Saturday, August 20, 2005

This is me on Boracay after my head teacher reads this post . . .

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I just got back from my holiday and I'm already tired of working at my school. I won't be signing a third year contract with my present school as things are getting nasty here far too quickly. The head teacher of my school seems nice enough and she seems to be doing a good job organizing a new curriculum for the school but . . . she has three Doctorate degrees from a university based in Liberia that isn't recognized by any school authority in the world!

See what happens when you google her University: Saint Regis University

Here is what you get:
The first 200 or so hits are newspaper articles about how school authorities in the U.S. and Canada don't accept credentials from this University.

Some google ads lead you to a site that invites you to get a PH.D by using just your 'life experience' and 600 bucks (no need for: course work, a thesis, or any integrity)!

Any link that appears to be the University's own website does not work!!!!

I did talk to my boss about this but she said that the director's husband checked into the degrees and found them to be fine. I am not sure what he did to check up on them but his English is pretty much limited to "hello, goodbye, and very good" so I lack confidence in his abilities in this matter.

Anyway, my new head teacher keeps on trying to touch me and show her authority over me and apparently has a problem with my attitude!
These days my school keeps on asking me to do more work and doesn't offer me anything in return -- so it's bye bye JaRam for me. Shhhhhh! Don't tell them yet, they are much more pleasant to me these days , now that I've suggested that I may not be leaving them for good in January, that I'm NOT certain as to whether or not I'll be returning.
Ah well, I have some pictures from my trip to the Philippines you can check out by looking at the next few posts.
The Philippines were a much needed change from Korea. People there just seem so much more open to foreigners and plenty of other things in life, like dancing, staying out all night and having fun with anybody not just other Koreans. Maybe I'm just fed up with Korean life and Korean Nationalism!

I have plans to go to Canada again around Christmas time for about a week and then I think I'll be going to the Philippines for another vacation and to see my girlfriend Rosalinda. Sorry to my Canadian friends, still no plans to move back to Canada permanently, but if I can't get a good job in the Philippines I'll probably be working at another school in Korea. I will also be coming back to Edmonton in the summer for a month or so because I miss the Fringe and Jazz festivals there.

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