Saturday, August 27, 2005

Not your typical Saturday night

No this isn't a typical Saturday night occupation for me. I don't usually make a post here at such an ideal time for dancing or drinking it up in Seoul. However, in light of certain recent decisions I've made to finally stop smoking (I'm at the 'cutting back' stage) and not to drink so bloody much, it seems that I may spend more Saturday nights doing just this. Yes folks I have officially cut back from 20 or more smokes a day to the grand total of 4 cigs a day! My throat feels better already and my coughing seems to be subsiding.

A few other things I won't be doing soon:

Calling mom to hear her complain about all the terrible Filipino people she's met in her lifetime. This is not coincidental to my own recent discovery of some pretty cool people in the Philippines. So, sorry mom, but I ain't calling you again until you've decided to keep your opinions about Philippines and unmet girlfriends of mine (whoops did I use the plural I meant to use a singular -- honest I only have one girlfriend) to yourself. I've spent a substantial amount of the last 2 years with a very black and stony heart, but life sucks when you cripple your outlook like that, so no thanks I'm not interested in talk about people being essentially evil and self-centred.
Drinking all night and eating GamJaTang (potato and pig spine soup, mmmmm mmm)at 5am. Well maybe I'll skip the drinking all night and just set the alarm for 4am.
Smoking weed, but hey I haven't done that since I lived in Canada. Exceptionally hard to come by in Korea and not worth the hassle. Oh, wait ah, did I just write that? I mean, pretending to smoke weed with the cool kids (honest members of Canada's intelligence agency and mom I didn't inhale).
Calling my brother. He has some sort of long distance plan and has resolved to call me. Hey I gotta be an enabler don't I?
Screaming at my new Kindy students. My god my new kindies are cute as . . . And when I reach my final butt stage, whereby I quit smoking and then I also quit starting smoking again I refuse to be an impatient S.O.B. with my students they are too darn cute for that.

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