Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A New Delhi, India public washroom.

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India was . . . indescribable!
I spent about 4 days in a city called Varanasi or to the french Beneras (near Nepal) and met quite a few interesting people. One person I met was a woman from the south of France who liked to smoke marijuana about 4 or 5 times a day.
We were hanging out so I felt obliged to join her (I'd never partake of such illicit activities without such an obligation). We had a nice time and she kept on remarking on how much easier it was for her to be in India while she was with me. She said this was because all the people begging and trying to scam and/or sell things would focus on me instead of her -- assuming that I was her boyfriend or husband or whatever. Lots of single female travellers said pretty much the same thing. After Jessica returned to France I met a woman from Finland called Dia. Dia had heard about a group of hippies that made it known on the internet that they were having a 'rainbow gathering' across the Ganges river (with some pretty vague instructions on how to find their camp). I guess the idea is that they don't want to make their gathering too easy to find because they want only *true* hippies to join them.
So the day that Jessica flew back to France I asked Dia if she really wanted to check out the 'Rainbow Gathering' that she was so excited about. She jumped at the chance. The 'hippie gathering' turned out to be nothing more than a couple of hippies not doing much except being a real attraction for the local Indians! I have a cool video of one of the travellers I met at the gathering (Adrian) who decided to sing for the Indian tourists gathered around. One of the Indians that was standing in a circle around us, watching us (we were sitting in a circle talking) asked Adrian if he new Hindi. Adrian replied: "Sure I know Hindi" then he started singing this song. "Hare Krishna, Krishna Rama, Rama Krishna Hare Rama . . .". I'd be happy to email the video to anybody who wants to enjoy it ( just post a comment or send me an email).

After this trip across the river I went to Nepal for a few days to meet a Canadian friend living there and studying at a Tibetan monastery. I got very sick for a day or two on some of the nan (Indian bread) and Tibetan tea (milk, butter, and tea Yuuck!) that they fed me at the monastery. Finally I returned to Delhi for my last four days and tried to get as much sleep as I could (whilst trying my best to deal with my cravings for spicy Korean food, especially Jjam Pong and Chop Chae). I managed to see the Taj Mahal but that will have to be another story. I'll write more about the Taj Mahal trip later, because it's a bit of a long story.
Right now I'm back home, I've eaten Jjam Pong and Chop Chae and I'm having a good time because I have 3 roommates who are quite friendly and fun to hang out with. I live with one Canadian, one American and a New Zealander. The best news I have to share is that I am completely finished paying off my Student loan! Whoo hoo. I finally got rid of that $34 000 monster that was weighing me down.
More pics from India, and Nepal.

Okay, this post should have been made back in March when I returned from India, but I've been a bit busy so . . . better late than never right (debauchery is hard to avoid in the Republic of ____)?

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